Bosco Boys- Kuwinda

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This is the coordination center where all the activities of the entire project are coordinated. The boarding capacity of the center is 200 boys in the dormitories.

In Bosco Boys-Kuwinda we have the following activities:


Bosco Boys (former street children) who passed out of the reception center stay at Kuwinda and most of them are given formal primary education in Don Bosco Primary school, located within the Centre itself. The school is registered under the department of education. It has a capacity of 350 children from class 1-8. The school is also open to the boys and girls of the neighborhoods for day-scholing. They mix with the boarders. The boys and girls are exited after primary school.

The center offers preparatory education for children within Kuwinda slum. It has a capacity of 70 children. Some of these children after graduating joins Bosco Boys primary school.

Bosco Boys is also a place where the Salesians of Don Bosco AFE Province have designated the formation of candidates at the pre-novitiate stage. These are young men who have desired to become Salesian brothers and priest. They have a separate program but also serves in the education and formation of the children in the center.

In the Centre we have a small workshop with the trades of Carpentry, Welding, Motor Vehicle Mechanic, Screen Printing, Tailoring, cobbler and sculpture making. Some of the Bosco boys and the boys and the girls who come from outside learn some of these trades. Those who have been trained are also given a chance to practice by being involved in production. The product sold supports the project.

At Bosco Boys-Kuwinda we have a small-scale farm. We have vegetables cattle and a poultry unit with broilers, layers, country chicken, geese, turkeys and ducks. In addition we keep rabbits, cows and pigs. The boys get training in farming activities. Eggs, chicken meat, vegetables and milk are consumed by the children and some sold from the farm to support the project.

Our priests and candidates to priesthood are involved in many social service activities in the slum of Kuwinda which is very close to us. Besides teaching religion and meeting their spiritual needs, we also look for ways and means of assisting these less fortunate ones in their health and recreational needs. We also run a nursery school for the children of the slum. About 50 children attend this nursery school.

Helping Children By Donating Will Change a Child's Life

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Your generosity makes our work possible. Whether you contribute financially or as advocate for good.

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Show your love, adopt a child by supporting a child in the center by providing his or her needs. This can be financially or otherwise including mentoring and any other support. This is not taking the child away from the center or from their guardians but supporting the child’s needs while still in the center.

support our sustainability plans

1. Order your furniture with us made of metal and wood 2. Get our tailoring products. 3. Buy fresh chicken or eggs from our farm 4. Buy fresh vegetables from our garden 5. Buy fresh milk from our farm, 6. Buy pork from our farm 7. Hire the boarding facilities, fields, halls during holidays for various functions. All at affordable prices. Any profits incurred flows back to help the needy children.


  1. To make contact with children from the streets and marginalized areas from in and around Nairobi and Kajiado North Counties;
  2. To rescue street and marginalized children by bringing/picking off the streets and bringing them to Bosco Boys Langata;
  3. To rehabilitate and reorient street children using Don Bosco’s preventive and skill based educative method;
  4. To reintegrate the children of Bosco Boys from the streets and those marginalized into their families and society.