Bosco Boys Langata

our reception centre

This center was established in 1994 and given the name Savio Center.  With St. Dominic Savio as the patron since he is a teenage saint who died at the age of 15. It is now called Bosco Boys Langata and our reception centre. Rescued boys are brought to this center for rehabilitation. It has a boarding capacity of 100 boys. The boys are re-introduced to learning and disciplined life and also introduced to technical skills. The boys get the opportunity to change and grow from bad habits and learn values and skills that prepares them to join the school and fit in the society. Usually the boys stay here 1- 3years after which they are transferred to Bosco Boys-Kuwinda reintegrated to the society or taken for vocational training.  During their stay at the centre basic needs of the children are looked after.