Patrick Mwangi Mwaura

Bosco boys alumni

My name is Patrick Mwangi Mwaura, a former street kid rescued and rehabilitated by the Salesians of Don Bosco. I joined Don Bosco Kariua home in 1997. This was after learning about Don Bosco while in Kabete remand home through the salesians, and the catholic nuns who severally visited the home during my correction times back then.


Kariua was great for me and many other rescued street kids of the time. Due to its location and of course its proximity to the streets we knew, we still enjoyed the freedom to interact with our former streets and streets colleagues, after which we gradually stuck to the home and focused on bettering our individual lives.

 I was a bright kid. I was an upcoming rapper, upcoming fine artist and an upcoming entertainer. Fr. John Peter (SDB) motivated my arts and by the time I was doing my KCPE at St. Mary’s Karen primary school, I could write own songs, skits and together with Bosco Theatrex Club (BTC), founded under the patronage of Mr. Mbugua, we would stage great performances.


I am the second born in a family of six. Four of us have gone through Don Bosco Kariua, Savio Center and Bosco Boys Kuwinda, and completed the levels of education each one of us prides in. I joined Don Bosco in class 3. This was the far I had gone with education back at home before taking to the streets of Nairobi. It was a life marred with scarcity of basics, stiff competition for all possible necessities, and with the realities unfolding that education could be one of the vital pillars for success, I had to try and work myself out to attain the best and become the best I could.


As a young boy, I mingled within my peer array both in Bosco Boys and outside the institution and by the time I was sitting my KCPE, I had discovered more about my talents and could stand out in many events as the best. In Kariua I attained high marks and topped my classes, an act that would later have me transferred to Savio Center. In Savio Center, Ngong Forest and St. Mary’s Karen primary schools, I had the spirit that believed I could be the best in everything I did. From being top of class, school footballer, artist and more importantly, the house entertainer.



I was in class six at Ngong Forest Primary School and residing in Savio Center, when I first exhibited my art at the Sarit Center representing Bosco Boys. This was a great opportunity and exposure even though I had no information or knowledge of art exhibitions at that tender age. It was during my time at the Center that all I can do today was discovered and nurtured.

In 2004, we had our first album out. This was a message of hope to many. It had four songs and titled “From Shame To Fame”. This was a major milestone since it got us the “DCONS Crew” to stage performances with the heavy weights of the music industry of the time. The DCONS Crew consisted of Haron Gitau, John Mbuki and I.  


Kariua was great for me and many other rescued street kids of the time

I went through high school and later found my way to Kenyatta University under USAID scholarship for orphans and vulnerable children.


I studied visual and performing arts. In the university, I performed on major events. These included the Culture Week which is a week-long inter cultural experience that happens ones every year. Here I performed solo music and also performed with Kenyatta University Theatre Arts club (KUTA) to finals held in KICC. I had a chance to exhibit as a vetted artist in The Kenya Art Fair in two consecutive years organized by the Kuona Trust for the East Africa visual artists. I also won prizes with Mask Prize (UK) for being outstanding in different categories and in different years. These prizes include Visual Art Under 25 years Prize, Music/Video/Performance 2nd Prize and Entrepreneurial Ideas Prize. I also got a chance to exhibit my winning work at the Saatchi Gallery in UK in 2018 December through to January 2019.