a home for children from the street


Bosco Boys is a children’s home/center, Private and Religious Institution (Non-governmental/Non profitable).  The home prioritizes on the children from the streets aged between 8 – 17 years and also vulnerable and needy children from the slums of Nairobi. Bosco boys provides a home where the children feel loved, a school where they learn and transform, a playground to build their talents and a church where they find spiritual formation.


The project is run by Salesians of Don Bosco of Eastern Africa on Catholic Principles, and following the system of education practiced by St. John Bosco (Don Bosco), popularly known as Preventive System.


Bosco Boys is a caring community and at the centre of learning is the child who becomes the centre of life and activities of the home. The home accompanies the children in their period of growth to self-realization, in healthy interpersonal relationships, conscious of their national heritage and values. Don Bosco summed it up as “to make of the youth God fearing persons and good citizens.



Rescue, Rehabilitate and Re-integrate children from the streets and those marginalized using Don Bosco’s method of education –the preventive system. (Reason religion and loving kindness)


Transform the children from the streets and those marginalized by rescuing, rehabilitating, and reintegrating them into their family and society.


Today, Bosco Boys project has three centers: Bosco Boys-Kariua, the drop off center, Bosco Boys-Langata, the reception center, and Bosco Boys-Kuwinda, the coordination center.

This is situated in the heart of Nairobi on Kipande Street Kariua A slum. It was established in 1990 and renovated several times. This serves as a rescue center. We have a nursery school where close to 50 children are given lessons daily. The centre provides a gathering place for boys from the streets of Nairobi. From here the boys are rescued and taken to Bosco Boys Langata.

This center was established in 1994 and is now our reception centre. Rescued boys are brought to this center for rehabilitation. It has a boarding capacity of 100 boys. The boys are re-introduced to learning and disciplined life and also introduced to technical skills. The boys get the opportunity to change and grow from bad habits and learn values and skills that prepares them to join the school and fit in the society. Usually the boys stay here 1- 3years after which they are transferred to Bosco Boys-Kuwinda reintegrated to the society or taken for vocational training. During their stay at the centre basic needs of the children are looked after.

This is the coordination center where all the activities of the entire project are coordinated. The boarding capacity of the center is 200 boys in the dormitories. In Bosco Boys-Kuwinda we have the following activities

Helping Children By Donating Will Change a Child's Life

how you can support us

Make a donation

Your generosity makes our work possible. Whether you contribute financially or as advocate for good.

adopt a child

Show your love, adopt a child by supporting a child in the center by providing his or her needs. This can be financially or otherwise including mentoring and any other support. This is not taking the child away from the center or from their guardians but supporting the child’s needs while still in the center.

support our sustainability plans

1. Order your furniture with us made of metal and wood 2. Get our tailoring products. 3. Buy fresh chicken or eggs from our farm 4. Buy fresh vegetables from our garden 5. Buy fresh milk from our farm, 6. Buy pork from our farm 7. Hire the boarding facilities, fields, halls during holidays for various functions. All at affordable prices. Any profits incurred flows back to help the needy children.